Socio-Economic Empowerment of the Persons with Disability (SEED)

Duration January 2014 – December 2018
Funder REHASWISS, Switzerland,
Location The project covers disadvantaged urban & parry urban areas of Chittagong City
Beneficiary coverage Direct Beneficiaries : 250 persons with Disability (yearly 50) Indirect Beneficiaries : Around 2500 persons with Disability
Goal To empower the persons with disability, socially and economically, promoting their self-employment and securing their social entitlements
  • To increase institutional capacity and unity of persons with disability to aware them on their human rights, to generate their interest for self-employment and rehabilitation and to give them a unified platform for attainment of their rights.

  • To enhance knowledge, skill and capacity of persons with disability on profitable and disabled people friendly economic development activities.

  • To establish a financial support scheme to provide Persons with disability access to financial and input support to successfully start their concerned economic development activities.

  • Readily availability of social and legal support for the persons with disability through providing them access to information, referral, legal, linkage and device services.