About Us

Bright Bangladesh Forum (BBF), a nongovernmental voluntary development organization that envisions a peaceful society, where people lead happy, healthful and dignified lives free from discrimination, violence and poverty.  With a view a to address the extreme poverty, massive illiteracy, extensive violation of people’s rights, widespread inequalities and injustice in the country, BBF initiated its journey on 2nd January 2001 as a formal organization through the joint efforts of some noble hearted philanthropist social workers. For more than 15 years the organization is working for the empowerment of the community toward their self-reliance and sustainability undertaking both need and rights based programs as per needs and its possible solution felt by the community themselves. BBF is working in the field of community empowerment, economic development, micro entrepreneurship development, human & legal rights, child rights, education, good governance, primary health care and human resource development in greater Chittagong of Bangladesh. In past years, Bright Bangladesh Forum worked with more than 0.5 million people for reduction of their poverty and achievement of their human rights.


Vision and Mission

Vision: BBF envisions a peaceful society, where people lead happy, healthful and dignified lives free from discrimination, violence and poverty.

Mission: BBF endeavors to empower the disadvantaged and marginalized people toward fulfillment of their human and legal rights and sustainable achievement of their basic needs through social transformation, capacity building, advocacy, innovation and research.


Legal Status

Bright Bangladesh Forum (BBF) is registered under NGO Affairs Bureau, Youth Development Department and Social Service Department.

Registration authority Registration number Date
Youth Development Department Ctg- 197 28/10/2002
NGO Affairs Bureau, 1829 7/05/2003
Social Service Department Ctg-3010/11 20/07/2011



Three tiers of management – General Council (GC), an Executive Council and a Senior Management Team (SMT) are in place for overall management of the organization. The General Council is the owner of the organization and process supreme power. Executive Council (EC) consisting of 7 members elected from GC is responsible for management and implementation of all activities undertaken by organization. GC elects the EC once in every three years.

Chief Executive under EC is in overall responsibility for execution of the organization, who oversees both Program and Finance Section of the organization. Program Director, Program Manager, Program Officer, Project Coordinators, Project Officer and Field Facilitators are the program staffs. Manager Finance and Admin (Finance Manager), accounts officer, project accountants are the finance staff. The organization solicits services from experts of various disciplines including gender, development, legal service, microfinance and public health. BBF maintains several committees like, Procurement Committee, Recruitment Committee. BBF has separate M&E section with M&E personnel.

BBF follows a number of policies, like Human Resource Policy, Administration Policy, Gender Policy, Child Protection Policy, Financial Management Policy, and M&E Policy for effective management, transparency and accountability of the project. The Partnership policy of BBF guides it to deal with the partners. BBF has in total 45 full time staff, 19 part-time staff, 35 office-based volunteers and more than 1000 community volunteers.


List of Executive Committee

  1. Ms. Gitasree Ghosh -Chairman
  2. Mr. Irfan Haider Khan -Vice Chairman
  3. Mr. Utpal Barua -Secretary General & Chief Executive
  4. Mr. Parag Sengupta -Finance Secretary
  5. Mrs. Shahanaj Pervin -Executive Member
  6. Mr. Akhter Hossain -Executive Member
  7. Mrs. Runa Barua -Executive Member


 Core Values

  • Loyalty and commitment to national interest, independence and national pride
  • Respective to all (Irrespective of Race, color, religion, ethnic origin, sexuality )
  • Mutual respect and gender responsiveness
  • Justice, transparency and accountability
  • Women, Child and Disabled friendly atmosphere
  • Community participation and respect on people’s views
  • Respect to Diversity



Networking with other like-minded organization / forum / groups at local, National, International arena is one of the core strategies of BBF.

BBF also provides secretarial support to some Networks/Forums.



  • Association for Development Agencies in Bangladesh (ADAB)
  • Bangladesh Urban Forum (BUF)
  • Bangladesh Ovibasi  Adhikar Forum (BOAF)
  • Bangladesh ECD ( Early Childhood Development ) Network (BEN)
  • National Forum of Organizations Working with Disabilities (NFOWD)
  • National Sports Association of Persons with Disabilities(NASPD)
  • Sushasoner Jonny Procharavizan (SUPRO)



  • Netzkraft Movement -Germany


Network Secretarial Support

  • Bangladesh Ovibasi  Adhikar Forum (BOAF), Chittagong Division
  • Child Protection Committee Chittagong.
  • City Legal Service Network(CLSN)


Donors and Partners

  • REHASWISS, Switzerland
  • Maxwell Stamp PLC, UKaid
  • Secretary Office of Global women Issues ,U.S. Department of State
  • Save the Children International
  • World Vision Bangladesh
  • European Union , Lead Agency: Aporajeyo Bangladesh
  • ILCU Foundation, Ireland
  • MIVA, Switzerland
  • Action Aid Bangladesh
  • Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)
  • Save the Children- Australia
  • Save the Children-USA
  • International Research & Exchanges Board( IREX), USA
  • Ngo Forum for Public Health
  • Youth Development Department under the Youth and Sports Ministry Bangladesh Government
  • UCEP – Bangladesh
  • Young Power in Social Action(YPSA)