BBF endeavors to empower the disadvantaged and marginalized people toward fulfillment of their human and legal rights and sustainable achievement of their basic needs through social transformation, capacity building, advocacy, innovation and research. According to the 5-years strategic plan, 2016 to 2020, BBF is working in 5 strategic areas:

1) Socio-economic and legal empowerment of disadvantaged women,

2) Development and Social Empowerment of Children

3) Support establishment of democratic governance

4) Establish the rights and dignity of person’s with disability

5) Secure access to maternal, child and reproductive health care


Strategy 1: Socio-economic and legal empowerment of disadvantaged women: 

Strategic objectives:
  1. Improved access to justice and legal rights/entitlements of vulnerable, disadvantaged and poor women to reduce all forms of violence against them
  2. Economic empowerment of women through better unity, capacity building and access to financial and technical support
Related Projects:
  • Establish Slum-women’s Obtainment of Justice Adopting Grassroots Initiatives (ESO JAGI)
  • Babu Barta for Slums (BBS) Project
  • Empowerment of Women Through Sustainable Socio-economic Development
  • A Collective Drive to Engender the Process of Women’s Empowerment


Strategy 2: Development and Social Empowerment of Children:

Strategic objectives:
  1. Strengthen the Child Protection System to halt all forms of violence, abuse and discrimination against children
  2. Establish community-based mechanism to withdraw the children from hazardous work
  3. Increase access of drop out and never enrolled disadvantaged and working children to quality education
  4. Promote rights of the children to basic human rights, including participation, association, and freedom of expression, leisure, recreation, identity, access to information, education and health.
  5. Strengthened multi-level network of advocates to bring policy level changes and capacity for enforcement of policies that protect disadvantaged and vulnerable children
Related Projects:
  • An Inclusive Approach to Empowering Working Children
  • Improved Institutional Responses to Children and Youth in Contact/ Conflict with the Law
  • Empowerment of working children and enjoy their rights – JAGORON
  • Children’s Action for Social Empowerment (CASE)
  • Education Access & Quality Improvement Programme (EAQIP)
  • Child Access to Rights through Development (CARD)
  • Let children speak Project


Strategy 3: Support establishment of democratic governance:

Strategic objectives:
  1. Strengthen civil society capacities to participate in democratic processes, including umbrella organizations and institutional interfaces between civil society and the State.
  2. Enhance people’s participation in democratic processes, especially elections at the national and local levels, with particular emphasis on the involvement of marginalized groups.
  3. Increase citizen’ access to information strengthening the legal framework, enhancing availability of information provided by public institutions and strengthening media’s role
  4. Increase transparency accountability and integrity of local government and public institutions through advocacy, strengthening the public bodies and improving media’s role
Related Projects:
  • Capacity Building Training to Rural Journalists on Report writing on election issues.


Strategy 4: Establishing the rights and dignity of person’s with disability:

Strategic objectives:
  1. Increase institutional capacity and unity of persons with disability to aware them on their human rights and give them a unified platform for attainment of their rights
  2. Economic development of persons with disability giving them access to trainings, technical and financial support for profitable and disabled people friendly economic development activities
  3. Ensure readily availability of social and legal support for the persons with disability through providing them access to information, referral, linkage and device services
Related Projects:
  • Socio-Economic Empowerment of the Persons with Disability (SEED)
  • Rehabilitation of Persons with Disability


Strategy 5: Secure access to maternal, child and reproductive health care:

  1. Increase access of poor and disadvantage women and children to preventive, promotive and curative maternal and child health care.
  2. Increase access of women and adolescent girls to reproductive and family planning health services
  3. Limiting the spread and impact of HIV/AIDS through preventing HIV/AIDS/STIs and reducing risks among the garments workers, young people, garments workers and other high risk groups.
  4. Explore new opportunities and ideas in reproductive and child health through public health research
Related Projects:
  • Babu Barta for Slums (BBS) Project
  • Advocacy for Reproductive Health, Gender, HIV/Aids through youth’s club :
  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS among Young People in Bangladesh
  • Primary Prevention of HIV/AIDS Risk Reductions through work – place interventions Garments Industries.



BBF uses following approaches in its works

  1. Community mobilization and establishment of community based functional units to identify and prioritize community’s own problem and undertake and sustain locally appropriate measures
  2. Deliberately focus on rights based approach to empower the people to claim and exercise their rights
  3. Capacity building to increase person’s, organization’s and society’s ability to achieve its purposes
  4. Advocacy efforts to influence the policy makers and implementers toward availing the people’s needs and achieving their rights
  5. Partnership and networking for a shared vision, contribution, risks and control of program
  6. Mainstreaming gender equality and equal rights of persons with disability.
  7. Development and public health research to explore opportunities and ideas.