Establish Slum-women’s Obtainment of Justice Adopting Grassroots Initiatives (ESO JAGI)

Duration January 2013 to March 2017
Funder Maxwell Stamp PLC, UK Aid
Location Chittagong City Corporation – 6 selected wards (4,7, 13,14,17,19)
Beneficiary coverage Approximately2,67260 women, 4000 men and 6,000 adolescent girls of 200 slum areas in Chittagong City.
Goal Improved access to justice and legal rights/entitlements for the vulnerable women in slum areas of Chittagong City contributing in reduction of all forms of violence against them at family and outside.
  • Increased awareness among women regarding their human and legal rights/entitlements, and access to a consistent first contract at community level for legal services and facilities.

  • Increased access of victimized women in slum areas to mediation, legal advice, litigation and other legal services through Community Legal Support Units.

  • Increased capacity of –, influence over –, and coordination among – local government, administration, law enforcement agencies and legal-aid actors in Chittagong City for taking rapid action for violence against women reported from slum areas.

  • Policy makers and city-based stakeholders are better sensitized through research evidences, networking and policy advocacy for provision of availing better mediation services at each ward level with grassroots linking up support.