An Inclusive Approach to Empowering Working Children

Duration April-2014 to March-2017
Funder World Vision Bangladesh,
Location Chittagong City Corporation, Ward No-18 & 19
Beneficiary coverage Direct 3500 working Children and 3500 Parents
Goal Creating enabling environment through empowering working children and strengthening the Child Protection system
  • Increased community awareness and effectiveness for voluntary withdrawal of working children from hazardous work.

  • Increased competency based education (literacy and technical skill) among the drop out and never enrolled working children.

  • Strengthened multi-level network of advocates to bring policy level changes and capacity for enforcement of policies that protect working children

  • Increased economic empowerment of parents of working children through market linkage.

Babu Barta for Slums (BBS) Project

Duration August-2014 to July -2016
Funder Secretary Office of Global Women Issues ,U.S. Department of State
Location Chittagong City Corporation -6wards (7,17,18 ,19 ,40,41)
Beneficiary coverage 2400 Pregnant Women & 2400 Family Member
Goal Empowerment of disadvantaged slum women and their community with better skill, education, information and linkage to promote better care of pregnant women contributing in reduction of infant & maternal mortality
  • Increased capacity of disadvantaged slum pregnant women/mothers with maternal care and health information for healthy pregnancy and baby.

  • Greater awareness of slum community to support learning of pregnant/new mothers, create supportive environment for them and effectively use health care systems for maternal care.

  • Better coordination of services of governmental and nongovernmental health care providers for effective access of maternal and child health care services by the slum community.

Socio-Economic Empowerment of the Persons with Disability (SEED)

Duration January 2014 – December 2018
Funder REHASWISS, Switzerland,
Location The project covers disadvantaged urban & parry urban areas of Chittagong City
Beneficiary coverage Direct Beneficiaries : 250 persons with Disability (yearly 50) Indirect Beneficiaries : Around 2500 persons with Disability
Goal To empower the persons with disability, socially and economically, promoting their self-employment and securing their social entitlements
  • To increase institutional capacity and unity of persons with disability to aware them on their human rights, to generate their interest for self-employment and rehabilitation and to give them a unified platform for attainment of their rights.

  • To enhance knowledge, skill and capacity of persons with disability on profitable and disabled people friendly economic development activities.

  • To establish a financial support scheme to provide Persons with disability access to financial and input support to successfully start their concerned economic development activities.

  • Readily availability of social and legal support for the persons with disability through providing them access to information, referral, legal, linkage and device services.

Establish Slum-women’s Obtainment of Justice Adopting Grassroots Initiatives (ESO JAGI)

Duration January 2013 to March 2017
Funder Maxwell Stamp PLC, UK Aid
Location Chittagong City Corporation – 6 selected wards (4,7, 13,14,17,19)
Beneficiary coverage Approximately2,67260 women, 4000 men and 6,000 adolescent girls of 200 slum areas in Chittagong City.
Goal Improved access to justice and legal rights/entitlements for the vulnerable women in slum areas of Chittagong City contributing in reduction of all forms of violence against them at family and outside.
  • Increased awareness among women regarding their human and legal rights/entitlements, and access to a consistent first contract at community level for legal services and facilities.

  • Increased access of victimized women in slum areas to mediation, legal advice, litigation and other legal services through Community Legal Support Units.

  • Increased capacity of –, influence over –, and coordination among – local government, administration, law enforcement agencies and legal-aid actors in Chittagong City for taking rapid action for violence against women reported from slum areas.

  • Policy makers and city-based stakeholders are better sensitized through research evidences, networking and policy advocacy for provision of availing better mediation services at each ward level with grassroots linking up support.

Improved Institutional Responses to Children and Youth in Contact/Conflict with the Law

Duration January’2016 to December’2019
Funder European Union , Lead Agency: Aporajeyo Bangladesh
Location Chittagong
Beneficiary coverage Overall 4547 children but 572 Children for Chittagong district
Goal To provide greater protection for children in conflict with the law (CCL) through the accessing of rights and by improving institutional responses through strengthening of juvenile justice institutions
  • Protect the rights of children during arrest, detention and trial. It will do so by establishing child welfare desks (CWDs) in police stations and providing legal representation.

  • Divert children away from arrest, detention and imprisonment, where it is in the best interests of the child and promote rehabilitation by promoting community mediation through child welfare committee (CWCs) and establishing a bail supervision and support scheme and rehabilitation and reunification programme.

  • Lobby the government for juvenile justice reform and the replication of models of good practice developed.