Improved Institutional Responses to Children and Youth in Contact/Conflict with the Law

Duration January’2016 to December’2019
Funder European Union , Lead Agency: Aporajeyo Bangladesh
Location Chittagong
Beneficiary coverage Overall 4547 children but 572 Children for Chittagong district
Goal To provide greater protection for children in conflict with the law (CCL) through the accessing of rights and by improving institutional responses through strengthening of juvenile justice institutions
  • Protect the rights of children during arrest, detention and trial. It will do so by establishing child welfare desks (CWDs) in police stations and providing legal representation.

  • Divert children away from arrest, detention and imprisonment, where it is in the best interests of the child and promote rehabilitation by promoting community mediation through child welfare committee (CWCs) and establishing a bail supervision and support scheme and rehabilitation and reunification programme.

  • Lobby the government for juvenile justice reform and the replication of models of good practice developed.