Children’s Action for Social Empowerment (CASE)

Duration April 2009 TO March 2013
Funder Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)
Location Ward 17, 19 & 35 of Chittagong City Corporation
Beneficiary coverage 95,975 children
Goal Establish child friendly environment for all the children of the society.
  • To ensure access to basic services like health, education etc for the disadvantaged and working children through making the duty bearers responsive.

  • To develop an abuse and exploitation free area for the target population through mobilizing children and other stakeholders for necessary actions.

  • 300 working children and 700 poor and slum children have got health services from GO/NGO service providers.

  • Proper wages for 300 working children has been ensured and their working hours have also been reduced.

  • At least 75% poor and working children have been enrolled with formal education and 25% have been enrolled with non-formal and vocational education.

  • Corporal Punishment free educating environment has been ensured in 6 schools of 3 wards. All students of 6 targeted schools know about their rights in general.

  • Parents or guardians of targeted children (1000) have acted more responsively for establishing rights of their children.

  • 3 Ward Child Council (WCC) and 1 City Child Council (CCC) have functioned as right defender for the children.

  • 3 ward development committee (WDC), local administration, city corporation, government/non-government service providers such as district primary & secondary education office, police, civil surgeon, ward commissioner office have become responsive towards needs and the rights of the children.

  • Necessary information and edutainment have been given to the children for their psycho-social development through establishing child resource centre (CRC).

  • 60% of trained children(120) on skill development are involved with income generation activities.